About Rooh Apparel

Thank you for visiting Rooh Apparel.

Rooh Apparel is an Ethically made Cozywear brand with trendy designs that will not go out of fashion.

Every item we sell on Rooh Apparel is hand dyed, hand made and hand printed. From start to finish we pride ourselves in creating every individual item differently. Because every item is handmade, they all look the same but they are not all the same, every item is different in its own quirky way.

Each sale contributes to sponsoring an Orphan:

Aiman Khalid and Rooh Apparel has partnered with SOS Villages Pakistan in sponsoring orphans with an environment as close to a natural home as possible with loving care, security, higher education and job – training, in Karachi

As a result, portion of profits from anything you purchase on Rooh Apparel will go towards SOS Villages and/or any other Charity mentioned.

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About Me

You might have heard about me as Aiman from @aimzfolio on Instagram or Youtube.

From being a Full time Makeup Artist and Blogger to (now) sharing my opinions on religion and a purpose to support the community around me. I’m a Video Editor and an entrepreneur, with a passion for business, fulfilling my potential as a human being and making a difference in the lives of others.

I’ve never gone to a fashion school nor did I study anything to do with fashion, sometimes I ask how I even go to where I am today. I taught myself everything when it came to tie dye. Through Rooh Apparel, it is my desire to create a high quality sleepwear brand that speaks to Introverts like myself. I plan to keep my brand as ethical as I can.

One of my biggest aim is to be a source for orphans, infact, a portion of each of the sales will be dedicated to a children’s charity as mentioned with the collection. It is my hope that as Rooh Apparel continues to grow, it stays true to its purpose and its name.